Fans of DP... Grobes – May 14, 2021

...don't miss that one!

Fernando Grobes – May 09, 2021

We are preparing a bonus scene with our superhottie Fernando for the backstage area.

Valdo likes feet Grobes – May 08, 2021

Valdo shares my foot fetish

Always the sun Grobes – April 26, 2021

Today i was reminded of the Stranglers' 1986 song "Always the sun" when I shot Gaucho and Oscar Marin and played with the sun as a background.

Those of you more my age (old) might remember the song. I always loved it. Still do.

I also love the footage we took today. Stay tuned for the release.

Relaxed afternoon Grobes – April 17, 2021

Tim, Valdo and Claudio, enjoying a relaxed afternoon.

Valdo Grobes – April 14, 2021

We shot a really good video today with this man. Valdo Smith.

Definitely a natural talent.

Fernando Grobes – April 11, 2021

His feet are perfect.

Just like everything elso on him.

Jay Carter Grobes – April 11, 2021

He is the Top in our next update

Fernando Grobes – April 06, 2021

What do you think of him? ;)

His first video is up next Friday. With Tim.

Red Grobes – March 22, 2021

Red Tuesday ahead

Foot fetish Grobes – March 14, 2021

Did I mention that I am totally into feet? Probably many times;) Sorry for that.

Thing is I don't often get to shoot foot sequences. But today it happened. Turned me on big time.

To be released shortly, this is Gaucho with Jules Rimbaud

Leon Grobes – December 17, 2020

You might think I am only into huge dicks but I actually also love faces...