Boy Boys Boys Tim – October 26, 2015

Met this twink on weekend and he seemed not totally against the idea of shooting sometime.

unfortunately it was his last day in barcelona but maybe on one of his next trips? Let´s hope !

Post Party Program Tim – October 24, 2015

yesterday i had an amazing night with friends at Metro Disco in Barcelona and today just relaxing on the sofa with " La Sirenita " :o)

Wish you all a nice and relaxing weekend.

Friday Night! Tim – October 24, 2015

It´s weekend so just had a shower and now ready to party! 
What are you guys doing tonight? 

Fun Night Out Tim – October 22, 2015

Yesterday i went to have a nice dinner with some friends and after we just wanted to have one more drinks at Boys Br in Barcelona. I was home at 5 in the morning and we had definitely more than one drink at the end lol

after gym! Tim – October 20, 2015

Just finished gym and thought it´s time for the obligatory elevator photo!

thirsty? Tim – October 20, 2015

was wanking and needed to piss so i took this photo of pissing with a hardon. unfortunately nobody was

around to drink it :o)

New Shoot ! Tim – October 19, 2015

We just finished a shoot with Sergyo who just started in porn.

you will se this sexy and young spanish boy soon on here on

#dietcomesfromdie Tim – October 18, 2015

the best after a long night out :o)

Heaven Club Tim – October 17, 2015

Yesterday i went out here in Zurich to Heaven Club and had way too many drinks but lots of fun

Today just relaxing and recovering :o)

Good Morning! Tim – October 15, 2015

Hey guys hope you´re all doing well. Having a little shower to start the day. later today you can watch a new video with me and Vasily from Russia.

i fucked him really really hard you will see :o)

Enjoy your day guys

and sorry for the black spot on the mirror. the hotel calls it "design element" but i just call it cock blocker :o)

Switzerland here i am ! :o) Tim – October 14, 2015

Just arrived in Zurich and damn it´s so cold here. I think i´m already so spoiled living in Spain that i totally forgot that in other parts of Europe it´s already almost Winter.
But in my room it´s warm so i made this topless photo for you :o)

Yes it´s that big !! Tim – October 13, 2015

We were shooting a video with Esteban and had some wine after and i realized that his cock is almost as big and thick as a winebottle.

I made this photo for you :o)  

Bon Appetit!