Big Muscle Grobes – January 18, 2019

I really like muscle men.

After Daniel had sent sent us an email it took us only a few days to get him here and shoot some videos.

He is not only strong but also a very lovely person. It was a lot of fun to have him here and do porn with him.

New Photoset Grobes – January 13, 2019

We haven't released a Photoset in a while. But today we finally got you some new Pics.

A nice little gallery with John Thomas. Enjoy the Photos.

Franklin Acevedo Grobes – January 05, 2019

Franklin also signed up as an Exclusive for Timtales.

New Exclusive Grobes – January 04, 2019

John Thomas signed an as Exclusive today. We are also just shooting new videos with him.

Today we shot a really hot video with John and Koldo.

John Thomas Grobes – December 16, 2018

Love our new Timtales Man John Thomas.

Sly and Alex Grobes – October 18, 2018

Aren't they a cute couple?

They are both Timtales Exclusives now. Sly just signed for one year.

We are very happy to have them.

Andy Star Grobes – July 26, 2018

We shot with Andy Star today. He is in his best shape ever...nice muscle package.

Lukas Daken Grobes – July 15, 2018

We just finished 2 shoots with sexy Lukas Daken.

The videos are coming soon.

Shooting a lot Grobes – June 20, 2018

Plenty of new videos to come. We are shooting a lot.

Franklin met Alex Roman for this one.

Next Update Grobes – June 14, 2018

Tomorrow we will have Koldo Goran together with Chucho. A very hot scene.

Stay tuned.

Player suggestion Grobes – June 08, 2018

Dear Members,

just a little technical advice about which video player works best to view our downloaded videos on laptops and desktops.

Especially Mac users should avoid quicktime player and take a look at vlc player:

It is an open source app and it is free. Vlc player shows colour and contrast of our videos the way we actually make them. Quicktime player has a different colour managment and makes our videos look desaturated and flat.

So, give it a try with vlc player if you like.

Tomorrow's update Grobes – May 28, 2018

Tomorrow: Francisco Sants gives Chucho Martin his first bareback fuck and puts his big hand and cock inside him at the same time.