Tim and Fabio Grobes – December 29, 2019

Dear Members, this is your bonus update. Just a little present for you from Tim and me.

We shot this in summer on our patio and I thought now is the right time to give it to you.

2019 was a great year for us because of YOU!

So, thank you for subscribing and enjoy our little bonus scene.


Grobes and Tim

Bonus scene Grobes – December 28, 2019

As a little thank you to our faithful customers we will release a bonus scene tomorrow night.

It is Tim with muscle boy Fabio from Venzuela.

Our last scene on our patio. There will be a few changes in 2020, but no worries, we will keep it hot for you.

Merry christmas! Grobes & Tim – December 24, 2019

We wanna wish all of you a very happy christmas!

I just released a hot group scene. On Friday we will have the double penetration you have all been waiting for. AND I will have a bonus scene for you that will be released here in the backstage area before the end of the year.

So, all I can say is: Stay tuned, we will keep the holidays hot for you.

Vicenzo Grobes – October 27, 2019

Just released a little photoset of Vicenzo, with some Cristian Sam and Tim. Enjoy!

Ethan and John Grobes – September 14, 2019

Enjoy our hot new update :)

And more vids with both our Exclusives Ethan and John will be produced soon.

Claudio Grobes – September 11, 2019

We shot with him today. Claudio Medina.

John Thomas Grobes – August 20, 2019

Our Exclusive John Thomas has always been muscular but now he has turned into a real muscle beast! He is so fucking hot!

We are currently shooting with him and the footage looks fantastic.

Rhyheim Grobes – July 27, 2019

We just released a little photoset of Rhyheim. Please enjoy it.

Rafael Ferreira Grobes – July 20, 2019

I really like this little muscle guy.

Next video with him coming soon.

Flower Boys Grobes – July 18, 2019

Funny coincidence: Raphael Moretti and Rafael Ferreira came to a shoot. Tim assisted.

We all had shirts with a floral design, even myself.