Tim and Santiago Grobes – March 31, 2020

Keeping the baby warm between takes.


Tim Kruger and Santiago Rodriguez

BTS Grobes – January 29, 2020

This is a behind the scenes...and a preview, because it shows what comes on Friday.

Actually it is an after the scenes, because I shot this after the main shoot. Saverio came to the shower with his face full of cum...Ethan Metz followed him.

Members find an extended version in their member area. Enjoy.

Tim and Fabio Grobes – December 29, 2019

Dear Members, this is your bonus update. Just a little present for you from Tim and me.

We shot this in summer on our patio and I thought now is the right time to give it to you.

2019 was a great year for us because of YOU!

So, thank you for subscribing and enjoy our little bonus scene.


Grobes and Tim

Bonus scene Grobes – December 28, 2019

As a little thank you to our faithful customers we will release a bonus scene tomorrow night.

It is Tim with muscle boy Fabio from Venzuela.

Our last scene on our patio. There will be a few changes in 2020, but no worries, we will keep it hot for you.

Merry christmas! Grobes & Tim – December 24, 2019

We wanna wish all of you a very happy christmas!

I just released a hot group scene. On Friday we will have the double penetration you have all been waiting for. AND I will have a bonus scene for you that will be released here in the backstage area before the end of the year.

So, all I can say is: Stay tuned, we will keep the holidays hot for you.

Vicenzo Grobes – October 27, 2019

Just released a little photoset of Vicenzo, with some Cristian Sam and Tim. Enjoy!

Ethan and John Grobes – September 14, 2019

Enjoy our hot new update :)

And more vids with both our Exclusives Ethan and John will be produced soon.

Claudio Grobes – September 11, 2019

We shot with him today. Claudio Medina.

John Thomas Grobes – August 20, 2019

Our Exclusive John Thomas has always been muscular but now he has turned into a real muscle beast! He is so fucking hot!

We are currently shooting with him and the footage looks fantastic.

Rhyheim Grobes – July 27, 2019

We just released a little photoset of Rhyheim. Please enjoy it.