Dinnertime Tim – June 06, 2017

Had a great dinner at Macondo Restaurant here in Barcelona with 2 of my friends tonight!

Meet The Flinstones :-) Tim – May 22, 2017

I was on Mallorca for the weekend and the room we had was hidden inside a mountain.
I look like one of the Flinstones or as we say in german Feuersteins !

Behind the scenes: Photoshoot under the warm summer sun of Barcelona May 22, 2017

Here's a little behind the scene video of a photoshoot of Vadim Romanov and Damien Crosse. It's such a perfect day. Warm and sunny with these two hunks on our terrace. Enjoy!

Ridder Rivera Grobes – May 16, 2017

In between takes.. What a hunk! (and that smile)

Morocco Tim – May 08, 2017

i was invited on a little weekend trip to Morocco over the weekend and it was just beautiful and relaxing.

Fun Sunday Tim – May 03, 2017

Had a fun Sunday with my friend Felipe who some of you might know from a video he did some years ago with me. Went out with friends for a few drinks here in Barcelona.

A little extra... Grobes – April 28, 2017

Here's a little extra since we can't get enough of this meaty masterpiece.

GYM....again :-) Tim – April 27, 2017

Just a random photo i did after the gym today. unfortunately it always looks best right after training
and after a few hours it feels like everything is gone .-)

Protest Tim – April 21, 2017

Yesterday i went to a Protest against the hunting and killing of gays in Chechen Republic here in Barcelona.
Things like this and to show your presence on the street and stand together, show support for your LGBTQ brothers and sisters are very important.

Hold the door! Grobes – April 18, 2017


(we’re huge GoT fans at Timtales)