Weekend Wanking Tim – August 05, 2017

Barcelona is so hot these days that the best you can do is getting naked.

Tuesday release Grobes – July 19, 2017

Sorry for the delay with the latest release. The tuesday update finally arrived on wednesday.

The reason was a technical issue that I could not solve last night. After some sleep everything went easier :)

So, here we go with Timtales newcomer Patrick Grau and Exclusive Jonathan Miranda.

Soon on Timtales ! Tim – July 15, 2017

just wanna show you a little preview of a video we shot recently with a new hot hunk.
I´m sure you will love him :-)

New Shoot Tim – June 28, 2017

Today we had Andy Star and Vadim as guest and shot a hot video for you. soon here on

Summertime! Tim – June 21, 2017

Relaxing at the Pool a bit .

Sweat Sweat Sweat Tim – June 15, 2017

Barcelona became really hot recently and i´m sweaty all day :-)

Dinnertime Tim – June 06, 2017

Had a great dinner at Macondo Restaurant here in Barcelona with 2 of my friends tonight!

Meet The Flinstones :-) Tim – May 22, 2017

I was on Mallorca for the weekend and the room we had was hidden inside a mountain.
I look like one of the Flinstones or as we say in german Feuersteins !

Behind the scenes: Photoshoot under the warm summer sun of Barcelona May 22, 2017

Here's a little behind the scene video of a photoshoot of Vadim Romanov and Damien Crosse. It's such a perfect day. Warm and sunny with these two hunks on our terrace. Enjoy!

Ridder Rivera Grobes – May 16, 2017

In between takes.. What a hunk! (and that smile)