Ian Torres Grobes – April 14, 2017

I just wanted to share this nice photo with you. Ian Torres is becoming more and more handsome.

Ridder and Ian Outtake Grobes – April 07, 2017

Try to hold the camera still when a guy smiles at you like this... good luck :)

Oldie but Goodie ! Tim – April 03, 2017

Someone posted this old photo of me getting my feet worshipped on twitter and i thought some of
you might like it :-)

Good Night Tim – April 02, 2017

a little tired but wanted to wish you all a good night before i will go to sleep.

Sexy Sky Knox Tim – March 14, 2017

Handsome  Canadian Sky Knox is in Barcelona to shoot some videos with us. I already filmed with him and today was the turn of Caio. Soon here on Timtales !!

Summervibes Tim – March 12, 2017

I just wanna show you a photos of our sexy guys during a recent shooting. the weather was beautiful and so are the guys.

Busy Days Tim – March 01, 2017

Hey Guys,

sorry i didnt post here a few days. I was travelling and we´re superbusy with shooting new hot videos at the moment. 
How do you all like our new exclusive Ridder? Isn´t he superhot ?
Will keep you updated about our next projects, i promise ;-)

Isn´t he cute? Tim – February 16, 2017

finally i had the chance to meet Josh Moore and he is a very lovely and sex guy. 
More or Moore you will see very soon on ofcourse :-)

Thank you very much! Tim – January 27, 2017

thank you so much for the countless birthday messages i got from you.
I celebrated it in Barcelona with some of my friends and afre a bit recovery we already shooting
videos again. Today Caio is in town for some hot videos.
The painting you see here a friend of mine did it for my birthday. Paul Astor is the name of the Artist

Last day in Paradise Tim – January 20, 2017

One week of vacation is almost over and we need to start thinking about our next shoots already.
Be sure there will be very hot new stuff!!