New Updates Grobes – August 25, 2016

Our new video is already up today.

Check also the new Eduardo Picasso Photoset that i just uploaded.

Ready for the Party Tim – August 14, 2016

It´s Circuit Festival in Barcelona and me and my friends are ready to have some fun.

Gym done for today! Tim – August 04, 2016

I´m superlazy when it comes going to gym or doing a diet but training with a trainer helped me alot to improve my body and actually visiting the gym at least 3 to 4 times a week. 

One Night in Berlin Tim – August 03, 2016

Just spent one night in Berlin in the wonderful hotel "Das Stue" .

Enjoyed it alot.

Muscleboys Tim – August 02, 2016

We recently shot a hot new vid with our new exclusive Timtales man Carlo and Julio Rey.

Madrid Gaypride Tim – July 08, 2016

Went with some friends to Madrid Gaypride and we had a blast.
As you can see on the photo Angel was with me . You might know him from some of the movies on Timtales.

Bed Destruction Grobes – June 29, 2016

...It´s not your´s Ikea...;-)

Zurich Gaypride Tim – June 13, 2016

I was booked for a met and greet with fans at the Zurich Gaypride last weekend and was able to meet Alaska from Rupauls Dragrace  there.

Berlin Tim – June 04, 2016

Good Light and a mirror in the shower is everything.

thanks Hotel ZOO Berlin :o)

just because! Tim – May 24, 2016

after gym in the elevator :o)