A Present! Tim – December 14, 2015

I got an early Christmas present today. Sweet Memories by artist Paul Astor !

it´s a Memory game with illustrations of Cocks :o)

If you like the idea you can also get it on Amazon!

or if you live outside of Europe you can order it here:

Weekend Tim – December 13, 2015

went out friday night with some of my friends. was really funny and nice and needed all saturday and this sunday to recover :o)

Editing! Tim – December 11, 2015

Having some time today to look at and edit photos of a shot we recently did.
Ofcourse you will see them soon here :o)
Have a nice weekend guys!

Back in Barcelona Tim – December 10, 2015

I´m back now from Gran Canaria and had an amazing time at Together Festival as you can see one the photo :o)

Now back to work and doing a shoot tomorrow.

Partytime ! Tim – December 05, 2015

So last night was the first night of Together Festival on Maspalomas and it was so much fun. Met so much new and old friends and needed a bit rest today :o)

Now i´m getting ready for dinner and then Party again ofcourse.

on the photo you can see my friend Julien from Barcelona .

Good Morning Tim – December 04, 2015

A bit tired today because didnt slept that well but now i´m almost leaving for the Airport to go to Maspalomas.

I´m sure it will be a nice little vacation there. 

Talk to you later guys!

Photoshoot Grobes & Tim – December 03, 2015

I was telling you about doing a videoshoot today but it didnt happen so we just did a little photoshoot today. soon you will see some of the stuff. 

Tomorrow i´m leaving for Maspalomas on Gran Canaria for Together Festival and will ofcourse do some pics and post them here for you.

Hello, it´s me ! Tim – December 03, 2015

Just a quick "Hello" from the otherside (my kitchen in this case ).
Didnt post anything in a few days i´m sorry for that!

Tomorrow we´re filming a nice threesome and i will ofcourse post some pictures here later so you already can get excited :o)

heading to bed now to be all fresh tomorrow. 

Good night friends!

Together Festival Maspalomas Tim – November 26, 2015

Join me and hundreds of other men for Together Party Festival in Maspalomas on Canary Islands

from 4th to 8th December. If you already sick of the winter weather just book your tickets and enjoy some great parties and relaxing in the sun!

Butt Parade ! Tim – November 25, 2015

no comment :o)