For later today... Grobes – March 18, 2022

Igor fucks Victor

Men profiles Grobes – March 11, 2022

I just added a few new Timtales Men profiles. We shot with so many new men in Brazil.

Next Grobes – March 11, 2022

Blessed 3some with BlessedBoy, Levi Junior and Leandro Leeme.

Night Video Grobes – March 03, 2022

Next update is shot in Rio at night. Visually quite pleasing, as you will see tomorrow.

Come back Friday night and enjoy this. It makes me feel I wanna go back there right away...

Tim fucks Bruno Grobes – March 01, 2022

To be released a bit later today

Next update Grobes – February 24, 2022

Coming up is a scene with Igor Silva and newcomer Rafael Zorzella, also known as "the naked barber". Tim and Caio join in for some oral action above the roofs of São Paulo.

Coming up Grobes – February 21, 2022

Tomorrow we have a video we shot in Europe, before we left to Brazil.

It's hot too though. Lucio Davoli fucks Rafael Ferreira.

Caio Veyron Grobes – February 14, 2022

I just love to take photos of Caio

Tuesday Update Grobes – February 14, 2022

I released our Tuesday Update a little bit early this time. It is technically still Monday, at least in Los Angeles.

We are going to travel tomorrow and I wanted to make sure to avoid delays with the release.

So, enjoy big dicked Marcelo and muscle hunk Zeto.

Brazil Grobes – February 12, 2022

I am just reviewing the videos we shot in Brazil. We worked hard and there is so much good stuff coming now.

This is from a 3some we shot with Blessed Boy (center), Leandro Leeme (right) and Levi Junior (left).