Yes it´s that big !! Tim – October 13, 2015

We were shooting a video with Esteban and had some wine after and i realized that his cock is almost as big and thick as a winebottle.

I made this photo for you :o)  

Bon Appetit!


Tim and Tomy Hawk Grobes – October 13, 2015

This is an older Video that i didn´t release earlier. When i checked the material recently i was totally turned on. A really hot fuck scene featuring superhottie Tomy Hawk.

It´s just a little Goodie that i wanted to present to our Members who were so patient when we had a few downtimes during the phase of relaunch.

And there are more Goodies to come....

New Timtales Man Grobes – October 13, 2015

I just wanted to show you a photo of a new big dicked guy who will be seen soon on Timtales: Diego Summers. A total Top.

I just prepared that image and thought you might wanna have a look. His cock is really extra fat and the guy is a total exhibitionist. He feels comfortable naked in front of people...and in front of a camera.

Bonus Video in Backstage Grobes – October 12, 2015

One of the new things we´ll do on our site is to release videos in backstage once in a while.

These can be all sorts of videos, private videos that Tim makes with his iPhone, behind the scenes...but also full hardcore videos. And one of the latter i will upload for you tomorrow.

So don´t forget to come by and watch it.

At home with Vasily Grobes – October 11, 2015

After taking Tim´s cock expertly we challenged Vasily with Esteban´s Monstercock.

The little Muscle Russian proved to be one of the best takers we ever met and enjoyed without moaning and complaining.

The video is coming soon. This is a GoPro snapshot i took in our kitchen.

New shoots Grobes – October 09, 2015

See this little mucle guy...we shot a really hot video with him today. He is from Russia and he is one of the very few men who could really take Tim´s cock right from the start and receive a superhard asspounding.

I´ll probably release this as our next update.

Coming up tomorrow Grobes – October 07, 2015

Just finished editing the video for tomorrow.

Don´t miss it. It´s hot! The young Brazilian fucks the big guy really hard!

Site Relaunch Grobes – October 07, 2015

Many of you might have noticed that we had some serious issues whe we relaunched the site last week. Everything had looked good at first, but later...not. My apologies for any inconvenience. 

Just an hour ago we brought the new site back online and i couldn´t find any big issues so far. Let´s hope it stays that way, so i can release this hot update on the new Timtales tomorrow. It´s giant Cock Caio Veyron vs. Musclegiant Dominique Hansson. A great video we just shot yesterday.

I´ll keep you updated about any news, here in our Backstage Area.

Yours, Grobes