Christmas Release Schedule Grobes – December 23, 2021

Dec 24: Caio and Nano double fuck Tyler Roma

Dec 25: Backstage Bonus Scene - Nano fucks Muscle Daddy Guido Stahl

Dec 26: Twink destroyed with Hugo and Olek

Christmas DP Grobes – December 19, 2021

The boys were really fantastic in our shoot today. Caio, Nano and Tyler had that amazing chemistry and insane intensity that makes a perfect Timtales video.

Gustavo Grobes – December 13, 2021

We shot with him today. Gustavo Cruz and Oskar Ivan.

Christmas Grobes – December 10, 2021

So, Christmas is coming. I thought of bringing some extra videos as a christmas present.

There will be Friday 24 where we will have Ethan and Tyler (great scene). On Sunday 26 there will be an additional video release. Not 100%sure what it will be, maybe one of the videos I am about to shoot in the next days. In between, on Monday 25 there could be backstage bonus scene. I thought of Nano fucks Guido, where Nano destroys our German muscle daddy. On Tuesday 28 there could be a hot 4some. The one thing that is for sure: There will be 4 videos in 5 days at christmas.

For our valued members, especially those who are alone at home during the holidays.

Soon Grobes – December 02, 2021

Big cock meets big ass. Freddy Salvador and Hugo Exxtreme.

Coming up Grobes – December 01, 2021

Hugo and Freddy

Ridick.... Grobes – November 27, 2021 so hot. Here he is in our upcoming video with Mario Galeno.

Ethan Metz Grobes – November 21, 2021

Handsome hunk with huge cock from France

Halloween Bonus Scene Grobes – October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween!

We have a treat for you. Just because we love our members:)

Eduardo Menzorra from Brazil fucks Michl Amundson from Germany.

Log in to your member area and watch the full 19 minute bonus video.


Caio Veyron Grobes – October 17, 2021

Caio is a God