Coffee Break Grobes – April 18, 2019

That's what a coffee break looks like at Timtales :)


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BTS Grobes – April 12, 2019

A little behind the scenes before we release "Sly and John Thomas" tonight.

Assistant Tim... Grobes – April 03, 2019 a helping hand in this tricky fuck position.

Rhyheim Grobes – April 03, 2019

Rhyhein had a good workout in our homegym today. Then a shower... and then he destroyed colombian twink Joaquin Santana on our sofa.

You can watch that soon.

Claudio and Joaquin Grobes – March 25, 2019

Enjoying the terrace and taking selfies during our shoot with Claudio Medina and Joaquin Santana.

Raphael and Oscar Grobes – March 13, 2019

These two just couldn't take their hands and cocks of each other. I had actually told them to have a break to drink water or wine but they just went on fucking. Well, so Tim and I had the wine...and a little behind the scenes clip for you.

BTS - Tim taking pics Grobes – March 08, 2019

Another behind the scenes. Tim taking pics before the shoot with Claudio Medina, Diggory and Randy Junior.

The official action video will be released shortly in the Videos section.

BTS Video Grobes – March 08, 2019

Another behind the scenes video for you, shot with a micro camera.

Diggory and Claudio Medina playing with their cocks before they stick them into Randy Junior.

Behind the scenes with Vicman and Santi Grobes – March 05, 2019

I made this little clip for you in a break during the shoot with Vicman and Santi.

Hope you like it :)

Tim's Bonus Scene Grobes – March 03, 2019

We are happy to present you a bonus scene today. Tim fucks a slim Twink...that's how he likes them these days :) You can definitely see that he had fun. The scene ends with a hot piss sequence in the bathroom.

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