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Make money with Timtales!

In our Affiliate Program TT Pro you can get 50% of the money we make from traffic that comes from your site. Our affiliate system is administered by Epoch, one of the world´s biggest and most recognized Billing Companies. They will send you the money when a limit is reached that you can set by yourself. For example, if you want a check as soon as you have reached 50 Dollars, it will be sent to you.

Why Timtales?

Timtales has become one of the most popular Gay Porn Sites on the Web. We have the hottest content, which makes Visitors want to subscribe, and a perfect and easy to use Members Area that makes Subscribers want to stay a Member for a long time. Many of our Members have their subscription since years and they love our Site.

That said i should maybe point out that as an Affiliate of course you also get 50% of all Rebills.

What do i need?

You just need a website where you can show our Promo Content, which we offer on a dedicated Page, our Affiliate Center.

We also send out a Newsletter so you always receive the latest material in an email. The more traffic you send us, the more likely it will be that you make many sales.

How do I start?

Just fill out the form below. We will review your site and find out how you want to promote Timtales.

Then we get in touch with you with details on how to sign up. Just please make sure you enter a valid email address.

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