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BTS with Mario and Igor April 10, 2024

Papito 3some BTS February 11, 2024

We have a behind the scenes of Papito's 3some for you. Login or join to see the full video.

Sir Peter and Papito January 19, 2024

Login or join to see what the boys did to warm up before their shoot on our Barcelona terrace.

Nelso's BTS December 23, 2023

A behind the senes from Nelso's Barcelona Tagteam video.
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Footlovers' BTS September 24, 2023

We got a litte BTS with some foot action from our last update that didn't make it into the final cut. It's pretty hot though.
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Axxl Mart March 04, 2023

Yes, he can really sing.

Axl and Giuspel February 11, 2023

Members login to find a hot vertical clip with Axl and Giuspel.

Hi from Giuspel February 11, 2023

Axl vs Michl December 20, 2022

Just a little BTS of an upcoming video

Fiesta BTS September 21, 2021

There was so much going on during that shoot, impossible to capture it all.

But I have this little bts.

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