Always the sun April 26, 2021

Today i was reminded of the Stranglers' 1986 song "Always the sun" when I shot Gaucho and Oscar Marin and played with the sun as a background.
Those of you more my age (old) might remember the song. I always loved it. Still do.
I also love the footage we took today. Stay tuned for the release.

Relaxed afternoon April 17, 2021

Tim, Valdo and Claudio, enjoying a relaxed afternoon.

Valdo April 14, 2021

We shot a really good video today with this man. Valdo Smith.
Definitely a natural talent.

Fernando April 11, 2021

His feet are perfect.
Just like everything elso on him.

Jay Carter April 11, 2021

He is the Top in our next update

Fernando April 06, 2021

What do you think of him? ;)
His first video is up next Friday. With Tim.

Red March 22, 2021

Red Tuesday ahead

Foot fetish March 14, 2021

Did I mention that I am totally into feet? Probably many times;) Sorry for that.
Thing is I don't often get to shoot foot sequences. But today it happened. Turned me on big time.
To be released shortly, this is Gaucho with Jules Rimbaud

Leon December 17, 2020

You might think I am only into huge dicks but I actually also love faces...

Fabio Toba November 16, 2020

is back with at least 10 kilos of extra muscle.