John Thomas December 16, 2018

Love our new Timtales Man John Thomas.

Sly and Alex October 18, 2018

Aren't they a cute couple?

They are both Timtales Exclusives now. Sly just signed for one year.

We are very happy to have them.

Andy Star July 26, 2018

We shot with Andy Star today. He is in his best shape ever...nice muscle package.

Lukas Daken July 15, 2018

We just finished 2 shoots with sexy Lukas Daken.

The videos are coming soon.

Shooting a lot June 20, 2018

Plenty of new videos to come. We are shooting a lot.

Franklin met Alex Roman for this one.

Next Update June 14, 2018

Tomorrow we will have Koldo Goran together with Chucho. A very hot scene.

Stay tuned.

Player suggestion June 08, 2018

Dear Members,

just a little technical advice about which video player works best to view our downloaded videos on laptops and desktops.

Especially Mac users should avoid quicktime player and take a look at vlc player:

It is an open source app and it is free. Vlc player shows colour and contrast of our videos the way we actually make them. Quicktime player has a different colour managment and makes our videos look desaturated and flat.

So, give it a try with vlc player if you like.

Tomorrow's update May 28, 2018

Tomorrow: Francisco Sants gives Chucho Martin his first bareback fuck and puts his big hand and cock inside him at the same time.

Devon Lebron May 24, 2018

Just can't get enough of this cock.....

Alex Roman May 17, 2018

Our new Exclusive Alex Roman will get fucked bareback by Devon Lebron in tomorrow's update, so stay tuned.