Good Morning! April 23, 2016

I´min Paris a few days. Just woke up and did this picture for you to start the day :o)

Gym Done! April 14, 2016

Just finished my Gym and now i´m hungry.

Anybody wanna come over and cook me some food? :o)

Stretched to the maxxxx April 14, 2016

Check out our newest update with Eduardo stretches Ian Torres hole to the maximum.

Eduardo will be visiting us tomorrow again so we will film new stuff with him for you ofcourse!

Hugh Hunter April 12, 2016

Pornstar Hugh Hunter is visiting from the USA so we took the chance to meet him and shoot some stuff with him.

Birthday Party April 10, 2016

and here´s another pic from the party

Studio54 Birthday Party April 10, 2016

I´m just back from a trip to Berlin because a good friend celebrated his birthday and the theme was Studio54

what you say about my outfit? :o)

before and after the Porn Shoot :o) April 03, 2016

just two photos i did today at the Shoot.

Ian Torres and the huge cocks April 03, 2016

Today we shot a hot threesome with sexy bottom Ian Torres, our superhung new stud Eduardo and .......Me :o)

Fun Easter ! March 30, 2016

had such fun time at Easter. Here in Barcelona we had the Circuit Easter Festival and i went out with some of my friends. Such a great time we had. But now back to work :o)

Big Cock Threesome March 22, 2016

Antonio Miracle had to take care of 2 very big cock today!

Do you think he managed to take them both?

Soon here on