Ethan Metz November 21, 2021

Handsome hunk with huge cock from France

Halloween Bonus Scene October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween!
We have a treat for you. Just because we love our members:)
Eduardo Menzorra from Brazil fucks Michl Amundson from Germany.
Log in to your member area and watch the full 19 minute bonus video.

Caio Veyron October 17, 2021

Caio is a God

Weekend Special October 10, 2021

I hope you are all enjoying our Rhyheim weekend :)

Rhyheim Double Feature October 04, 2021

I would like to announce a very special weekend, coming up.
We will have a RHYHEIM DOUBLE FEATURE. One video on Friday, one on Saturday.
That also means that in the 8 days starting tomorrow you will have all together 4 new videos.
So, stay tuned.

Fiesta BTS September 21, 2021

There was so much going on during that shoot, impossible to capture it all.
But I have this little bts.

Fiesta de Pollones September 16, 2021

A really hot group scene coming up tomorrow night.
Don't miss it.

Vicenzo September 15, 2021

Our Exclusive Vicenzo is the sweetest guy, but he can look Macho as well.

Happy Labor Day September 05, 2021

We have a Labor Day bonus scene for our beloved Timtales Members.
Meet a sexy Venezuelan newcomer with a big Latino cock. Paco Cruz has all the leche needed. And let's face it, that's a perfect length for Bastian Karim's bottomless raw hole. Enjoy this bonus scene!
Full 22 minute video available for viewing in the members area.

Nano and Freddy July 23, 2021

The new video is one of my favourites. Nano and Freddy are both absolutely lovely guys...and of course very sexy. The weather was perfect, the sky so blue, the video has beautiful colours (thanks, Canon) and the boys have so much chemistry.
I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed shooting it.