Friday Night! October 24, 2015

It´s weekend so just had a shower and now ready to party!
What are you guys doing tonight?

Fun Night Out October 22, 2015

Yesterday i went to have a nice dinner with some friends and after we just wanted to have one more drinks at Boys Br in Barcelona. I was home at 5 in the morning and we had definitely more than one drink at the end lol

after gym! October 20, 2015

Just finished gym and thought it´s time for the obligatory elevator photo!

thirsty? October 20, 2015

was wanking and needed to piss so i took this photo of pissing with a hardon. unfortunately nobody was
around to drink it :o)

New Shoot ! October 19, 2015

We just finished a shoot with Sergyo who just started in porn.
you will se this sexy and young spanish boy soon on here on

#dietcomesfromdie October 18, 2015

the best after a long night out :o)

Heaven Club October 17, 2015

Yesterday i went out here in Zurich to Heaven Club and had way too many drinks but lots of fun
Today just relaxing and recovering :o)

Good Morning! October 15, 2015

Hey guys hope you´re all doing well. Having a little shower to start the day. later today you can watch a new video with me and Vasily from Russia.
i fucked him really really hard you will see :o)
Enjoy your day guys
and sorry for the black spot on the mirror. the hotel calls it "design element" but i just call it cock blocker :o)

Switzerland here i am ! :o) October 14, 2015

Just arrived in Zurich and damn it´s so cold here. I think i´m already so spoiled living in Spain that i totally forgot that in other parts of Europe it´s already almost Winter.
But in my room it´s warm so i made this topless photo for you :o)

Yes it´s that big !! October 13, 2015

We were shooting a video with Esteban and had some wine after and i realized that his cock is almost as big and thick as a winebottle.
I made this photo for you :o)
Bon Appetit!
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